I welcome you warmly to my site.

The question I am most often asked, albeit in differing forms and sometimes well disguised, is this:

“How can I feel at ease in my life?”

My answer, in differing forms, and never disguised, amounts to this:

“Be with what is happening to you, whatever that is. You are in control of none of it. In truth you are neither the body nor the mind. It is resistance to life as it plays through you that causes suffering, and acceptance of life that will bring you ease”.

So simple to say but not easy to do.

Life Support

If these words resonate and you wish to surrender to just being, then maybe come and sit with me awhile. I have no answers, nothing to sell. We must find our own way or we go nowhere. But as we speak and I translate, you may see you have everything you need for joy already. It was just the way you were looking that kept it disguised.