One on One

My clients see me for sessions from 1.5 hours to 1 day in my cottage in West Sussex. Once or twice a month I work in Covent Garden, London.

2 Day Intensive Retreats: West Sussex and Mallorca

Many of my clients who start to work with me choose the two day immersion programme to help them come to an immediate awareness of any patterns of behaviour that are limiting their ease in the day to day. This intensive study, where the person can stay open, supported and held for 48 hours releases memory and tension in the body and mind. It can successfully uncover self sabotage and worthiness issues so the client leaves with practical tools of acceptance for when their reactions and behaviours threaten to overwhelm them.

The length of time also allows the client to explore their story in great depth without any sense of haste or pressure, with space also to fully absorb and anchor any new understanding that may have arisen.

The simple act of one person sitting in non judgement and acceptance of another seems to hold a light into the darker places of the others’ mind. This sense of being seen and loved can bring about an instant shift in self perception and a quite profound shift in feelings of stuckness, heaviness and hopelessness.

Phone Calls / Skype

Phone sessions last for one hour. Clients use this method of contact once they have met with me.  It provides interim support between sessions, allowing and maintaining the momentum of growth in self awareness in the midst of our busy lives.

7 to 10 day Retreats. India. Mallorca. Tuscany.

Once or twice a year I hold retreats abroad.

Two elements combine to make this break from the every day a way of expanding our awareness: first the commitment to a greater length of time to focus, and second the collective intention and presence of a group that provides weight and depth to the experience of every member. We learn a great deal from each other and take comfort in the realisation we are not alone in our fear or our desire for change.

The one on ones contained in the programme allow for specific and private support while the group meetings (satsang) expose us to enquiries and investigation from others on the mystery of life that expand our frame of reference and challenge our dogma and belief systems.

The retreats are also light and fun. There is as much laughter as there is introspection. Great friendship has flourished from repeated visits and there is a safety for the vulnerable in the loving, supportive atmosphere.