SirinaIn 1987 personal tragedy and deep despair at my own behaviour patterns compelled me to try to find a way out of a very dark place.

Years of seeking followed; every kind of therapy, mystical enquiry in far flung corners of the globe, meditation, professional training, alternative medicine, studying the Masters, and long periods of self imposed silence all eventually led me back to myself and this realisation…Life is just life being lived through us.

I have come to see that to love it in that blissful but very realistic, unattached but emotional way I do now, is just to not resist it. To learn how not to resist it is to be willing to jump into the water of self awareness time and time again until it has washed away all traces of anything but just being.

It’s simple. But it’s not easy.

I have been sharing this message for 26 years now, though the message has manifested differently as I have moved through my own awareness.

Along the way I became a Reiki master, a graduate in mediumship from the College of Psychic Studies, and an Interfaith Minister.

In parallel, as Rebecca Ward, Peirce Ward, I have been running my own company as a successful Executive Coach in the City and Industry. Exposed to business practice at a high commercial level in my corporate work, combined with love at a humility level in my heart work, has been an alchemy of experience that has shaped how I relate to a large cross section of clients.


If it may help you, here are some gentle words written by some who have experienced what I do.