India: How can I tell you…..


… about ten days of retreat, bound by the spell of India.

So many contrasts…intense heat and the cold of dawn at the top of the mountain. Total peace and the horn shattering noise and confusion. Vivid colour and the white sheet to rest on. The smell of dirt and incense and pollution¬†and the fragrance of jasmine and spices. Outer chaos, inner calm. Chanting and flowing and the song of inner awareness, challenged by the chatter of the busy modern mind. 10 days like 10 weeks in the expansion of experience.


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Shiver your Timbers

Fly on the wind, shake up your roots, hold on to nothing and trust where you will land.


My first hello

So. I am writing a blog which you may be reading…and I am saying don’t be thinking you will learn anything here…turn back into yourself and read from the wisdom you hold inside…dig deep. Rumi said it…maybe you are searching in the branches for what only appears in the roots. But stay with me if you would like to and I will share what I know and what I don’t know and together we will scratch our heads and warm our hearts on the endless mystery of existence.