At certain times in our lives we all need guides to help us unlock our potential for transformation and growth. Working with Sirina Meru was for me one of the great moments in the development of my spiritual and emotional life: her experience and insights into the spiritual realities of life are second to none.

Charles Rance

Sirina offers clear gentle guidance and insight, she is a strong and disciplined guide. Her two day intensives are extraordinarily powerful. She practices what she preaches and comes from a place of continual personal development. It is the truth of her- almost child-like with wonder- that saw/sees the truth of me, I know she wants what is best for me when we work together. I value her insight highly.

Amanda Taylor – Carpenter

Sirina is truly a wise woman who walks her talk. Her many years of inner study, training and travels define her as an unparalleled therapist, teacher and practitioner who has had life changing effects on her friends and clients. Sirina is completely committed to the light and her path and she works with real integrity. Her intuition is very clear allowing her to work with a group or individuals needs. She is direct and is unafraid to speak her truth yet she is also non judgemental, compassionate and kind. I have been blessed to have Sirina in my life in many capacities and feel thankful for all I have been part of with her. Sirina’s retreats have been inspiring and uplifting.

Claire Latimir

Having been to three of Sirinas retreats, once to Tuscany & twice to India. I would like to highly recommend them. I have found the retreats to be a truly wonderful way of nourishing myself mentally, physically & spiritually. The locations that Sirina has chosen are very special places, something you can immediately feel on arrival. All have very beautiful surroundings, fantastic accommodation & superb food ! The combination of Sirinas support & her expertise in guidance  counselling have transformed my old beliefs and behavioural patterns and though nothing has changed on the outside of my life everything has changed in the way I experience it.

Denise Brenton

Sirina has the quality of clarity and sharpness…she can see through the “false” you to the natural you. And with her honest words, your fears, doubts, layers drop away naturally, unfolding and connecting you to your source of power. Her powerful being inspires and vibrates to the source of your own spring and reminds you it is all inside you, making it simple to trust and celebrate life. All the big masters say that the best thing is to be next to good company…no doubt Sirina is good company…I would keep her close.

Liati Vinder

I feel I had been waiting many years to meet someone like Sirina and when we did meet for the first time on one of Sirina’s retreats to India, I knew everything was going to be OK. Since then, Sirina has guided and supported me through some of the hardest moments in my life. Sirina has also given me the tools to help myself which has helped build confidence in my abilities and improved my general well being. The retreats are out of this world and I would recommend them to anyone looking to do a little soul searching or struggling with something in their life. I went on 3 of Sirina’s retreats to India in an 18 month period and in a moment in my life when I was feeling vulnerable and anxious I felt supported and held in a very safe environment throughout my time there.

Alison Hall

Sirina is a truly guiding light. Her insightfulness, clarity of thought and genuine warmth pave the way for extraordinary personal and spiritual development. Before I experienced one of her two day intensives I felt quite at a loss as to how to manage my life. In what seemed such a short time I felt stronger, supported, understood and had many tools on my belt to help me to deal with me.

Amanda Baldry

Words are insufficient to describe the support and guidance that Sirina has given to me over the past 10 years. Her retreats to India are extraordinary and have provided me with a renewed belief in myself and an ability to find real happiness. Something I didnt think was possible and something that I am eternally grateful for.

Martyn Sullivan

Sirina has changed and saved my life! My outlook on life and on myself and the world as such has completely changed. Life is amazing!

Patrick Legant

Sirina has helped me embark on a journey of self discovery. To me, she is my Spiritual Mother. She has helped me turn my life around, to understand who I truly am and how for many years I had been holding myself back through self sabotage. The results have been transformational. She has given me the confidence to turn my life around and accept all the goodies in life I deserve. Sirina is my guilty pleasure…I write this with immense love and gratitude. She is an amazing woman.

Lisa Letham

It may hurt. It will take time. It will require dedication. It will require willpower. You will need to make some tough decisions. It may require sacrifice. You will need to challenge your mind, body and soul. But, I promise you, working with Sirina will change your life and when you reach your goal, you’ll realise it’s all worth it.

Jackie Duff